Elixir - experimental Center for intercultural life in Dresden

Elixir Dresden is trying to establish an intercultural Centre for meetings, culture and learning on the area of the Königsbrücker Str. 117a/119 119 in Dresden. As a part of this, social and inclusive housing for 150 people in new buildings and renovated old buildings will be built. This should be implemented through a cooperative for intercultural life, housing and working which will reflect the diversity of the population of Dresden.

At Elixir everyone is jointly trying to find forms of good intercultural coexistence, the quintessential - as the original meaning of the term Elixir in Arabic ريسكإل / al-iksīr. (wikipedia)

Good (cultural) living together despite differences in language, culture, and lifestyle habits don't come by themselves. The experimental Center Elixir will be a space, where refugees and people from Dresden with and without migration background will be able to live, learn, create culture and work together. The experimental Center will try to explore structures and frameworks of coexistence and will offer a practical and important contribution for living together in Dresden.

Elixir tries to find answers to questions like:

  • How can people live together in a good way - despite different preconditions in language, culture and ideas of good housing?
  • How can integration work in practice?
  • Which conflicts might arise and how can the people involved deal with them?

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